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spiritual accompaniment

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I feel blessed to have walked my long spiritual path and on this path
  to become completely independent of the outside world
but still always to live in abundance.

I therefore accompany people who are brought to me
as a spiritual companion of the New Era
with my profound knowledge of the connections
of our being there.

For questions such as

Who am I?
How do I find myself?
Why I'm here?
Where am I from and where am I going?
Why do I have problems and how can I avoid them in the future?
How can I reduce the suffering, even get out of there?
Why do I get sick, what are the real causes?
What's the meaning of my life?
What are body-mind-soul?
What is consciousness
How do I find my inner peace?
How do I get into my center?
What is the spirit world?
How do we come into contact with the spiritual world?
Own creativity
Let go
and above all
How do I get into harvest and abundance?
How can I be completely independent of the outside world?

I also have wonderful techniques for this, which I learned, but also received from the spiritual world, to make it easier for people to find their way and to lead them back to their soul and inner voice, to bring them into their own creative power and that too Way to go into the 5th dimension.

For this reason, I am often booked as a mediator, coach and supervisor.

Or as some people have already done, for example, as a week-long company as part of your vacation on the island of Sifnos (or now also in Bosnia!), In order to discuss your topics there in a correspondingly supportive environment, silence, peace and a pleasant atmosphere I like to make it clear to you to work and to come more and more into a feeling of lightness and hope and where I will show you how you can be as good as I am now!


    Your personal spiritual journey to Sifnos
    or at the pyramids in Visoko / Bosnia
    or at a location of your choice
    for your personal growth!
    with me as your very personal spiritual companion
        approx. 4 hours a day (more on request)
       by appointment

    The most effective are:
     3 days of individual accompaniment approx. 4 hours a day: € 1,860.00
    5 days of single escort approx. 5 hours daily: 3,670.00 €
    13 days of individual accompaniment approx. 4 hours a day: € 7,170.00

    but I also offer companionship for couples:
    3 days approx. 5 hours a day: € 2,580.00
    5 days approx. 5 hours a day: € 4,290.00
    13 days approx. 5 hours a day: € 9,870.00

    All prices net plus. VAT

    Does the current financial situation not allow you to make this compensation immediately? Talk to me, we'll find a way!


    All offers / events on Sifnos in German, English and Greek
     www.spiritual-center-sifnos.de here 


             It is my heartfelt desire, people who, for example, find themselves through these questions
    want to go on the way to THEMSELVES and into their own TRUTH and CREATIVE POWER,
    to accompany you on your own path for a while with my knowledge, my experiences and insights!
    Also at your place of residence on request

Sabine Markner


Please make an appointment at + 49-04121-2623497 or via the contact form




“Everything that is looked at with love is actually beautiful.
The more someone loves the world, the more beautiful he will find it "
(Christian Morgenstern)