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About me
Life is good - even without problems!



My career gives me a multitude of tools for solving a wide variety of tasks. A holistic perspective, clarity in target orientation and sustainable results are important parameters for a successful cooperation for me.


Even in my early childhood, I was confronted with clairvoyant perceptions that I couldn't do much with. Even during my school days there were always these questions. So it was not surprising that books like Kübler-Ross's on near-death experiences were just as much a part of my early reading as Dr. Murphy or through PSI. As a result, as well as through my professional life, I was and am constantly interested in further development, learning, lateral thinking, innovations and teaching. My questions didn't stop until I met HUESA in 2002. This was the beginning of my conscious spiritual path, which also led me to holism and to only follow the path of my soul.

This has led to completely new experiences, horizons and dimensionst.

And to a creative force that knows no limits!
A creative power that arises from my joy in everything I do.
Because I can just BE!

I have discovered and developed my potential for myself and use it in a variety of ways
at home and abroad!

In addition to a passion, teaching, the passion for supporting and disseminating authentic healing, health and
self-awareness work has also developed.

I experience great happiness, inner peace and love from this spirituality!

All my years of experience that have contributed to this change of mine are therefore in demand with topics such as vocation, life path, health, love, partnership, relationships, life, abundance, fulfillment, quality of life, joie de vivre and the ease of being. I am therefore an ideal companion for you in a New Life of enjoyment of life and beyond!


The following flow into my work:

Human universal energy and spirituality
Energy work through the laying on of hands as well as through energy transfers by dstance
Since 2002 work with HUESA and constant training and further education in various HUESA centers in Europe, Asia and Australia (most recently in 2011 Level VIII in Porto, Level IX in Cairns / Australia, Warsaw and Bangkok, in 2012 Level X in Melbourne Australia, in 2013 Level XI in Thailand, in 2014 Level XII in Moscow, in 2015-2017 Level XIII and XIV and until 2019 Level 15-17 in Visoko / Bosnia,)
Instructor for HUESA since April 2010, mainly in Greece, from 2019 also in Bosnia

Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Seraphim Blueprint:
Energy work with 11 cosmic energies through transfers by distance.
Training in levels 1 to 6 as well as “Guardians of the Gaia” in 2012

Level 1-3 as well as various power evenings.
Trained with Lothar Glebinski, Hamburg and at the Heede Institute, D-Walldorf, 2011.

Activation and use of superordinate energy fields.
For a life of lightness, enthusiasm, joy, health and success

User of MFL® Morphogenetic Field Reading:
trained by Ulrike Post in 2012

Recipient and user of "LIVE"
since 2013

Touch for Health:
User of Touch for Health I
IKC - International Kinesiology College, March 2013 in D-Menden

Litigation weekends
with Michael Amira, AnKanaTe
in D-Sonthofen, December 2012
in Engelberg, Switzerland, September 2013

Laughter Yoga
Certified laughter yoga teacher training
 Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga
in June 2013 in D-Lübeck by Egbert Griebeling

certified numerological life coach
trained by Michael Amira, Ankanate AG, Switzerland

certified relaxation trainer
Including trainer for autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation PMR
trained at the BIEK Institute, D-Bensheim

systemic coach
trained by Dipl.-Psych. Karin Werner, D-Lübeck

Participation in workshops / seminars
by Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer,
Eckhard Tolle, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza

Reincarnation Therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss
The Yager Therapy with Dr. Edwin Yager

also teaching activities for 21 years

as well as

Joy, enthusiasm, passion

and my Heart


For your good and

For the best and for the benefit of all that is!

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Sabine Markner